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Simple Domain Brokerage

We help businesses solve complex opportunity risks in the domain market.

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We transact some of the most sought after domain names globally.

About MSN | CAP

We believe domains help brand experiences with story, emotion, and purpose.

We help our clients succeed by acquiring the right domain, which enhances digital experiences, that can also communicate and achieve marketing goals.

Our prime domain brokerage operates similarly to that of a real estate agent. In real estate, agents work on behalf of buyers and sellers to help negotiate real estate sales. As real estate agents, domain brokers work on behalf of buyers and sellers to help negotiate and sale of domain names.

Domains should match your brand, whether it’s your business category or the brand name of your organization. This is what our customers expect, and this is how they will find you most easily.
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Exceptional service

We’re a small robust team of experts who are highly skilled in brokerage, digital asset appraisal, brand-acquisition, and geotargeting. We work around the clock to assist some of the biggest organizations complete challenging domain acquisition deals.


We’re renowned for stealth domain acquisitions, If you are looking to acquire a specific domain but unsure where to begin, let us deal with the agreements and buying process.

Domain Financing

A protected transaction where the buyer makes the agreed-upon payments while our specialist legal partners, Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, holds the domain name(s). Once all parties have received and released all required payments, the domain name(s) is/are transferred to the Buyer.

Portfolio Management

A comprehensive portfolio of valuable digital assets can be hard to manage. Our extensive access to global private buyers can quickly liquidate some of your premium names. Our diligent team knows how to secure deals at the time horizon you require.


Our proprietary software tools can calculate precisely how much compounded value a domain can create. We always run the math to remove all human biases. We pride ourselves on offering our clients accurate valuations suitable for any deal.


Tier 3 verification with We have clearance to facilitate the largest on the platform transactions. For more complex deals we offer, Premium legal advice with escrow through our partners Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC. Greenberg & Lieberman is regarded as a leader in its various areas of practice (patents litigation, internet law, trademark, copyright, and more).

Private/Public Auction

Our extensive network allows us access to the top domain auctions worldwide, Each auction will have its specific terms and conditions, in most cases, we’re able to tailor terms on the requirements and preferences of our clients.

John Doe
John Doe
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Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“Fantastic service from start to finish, you delivered the name we wanted on time, on budget. I would love to work with you again!”

Rudy Nemat
Rudy Nemat
CEO of Bayland Technologies, Inc.

“Thanks Carl, for making it so easy for us. I appreciate it.
Off we go!.”

Rick Pleczko
Rick Pleczko
President at Symplr Group

Our Clients

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